• let me to introduce the Calprotectin kit
    let me to introduce the Calprotectin kit Apr 24, 2022
    Diagnostic kit for ( Colloidal gold ) calprotectin Diagnostic kit for  Calprotectin ( Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Assay ) Qualitative and quantitative detection of Calprotectin contect in Feces. PRINCIPLE OF THE PROCEDURE The strip has anti-Cal coating antibody on test region, which is fastened to membrane chromatography in advance. Lable pad is coated by fluorescence labeled anti-Cal ...
  • Which of the tests can be used to diagnose Mycoplasma pneumoniae?
    Which of the tests can be used to diagnose Mycoplasma pneumoniae? May 31, 2022
    Which of the tests can be used to diagnose Mycoplasma pneumoniae? Firstly, you can use the rapid test diagnostic kit for IgM antibdoy to mycoplasma pneumoniae ( colloidal gold ) test by yourself, easy test and fast test result. If positive, you can go to hospital for PCR test.   What is Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM?  Mycoplasma pneumoniae antibodies are divided into IgM and IgG. Mycoplasma ...
  • Diagnostic kit 25-hydroxy vitamin D rapid test kit Jun 10, 2022
    Diagnostic kit for 25-hydroxy Vitamin D (Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Assay) 1.Whats vitamin D 25-Hydroxy ? 25-Hydroxy vitamin D commonly used vitamins as the active ingredient of vitamin d, are often publicized to promote the metabolic level of vitamin d in the human body, the metabolic level in children, the measurement of important significance in childhood, human clinical, clinical ...
  • let us talk about Gastrin-17 Jun 15, 2022
    Whats the Gastrin 17 ? Gastrin 17 is one of the hormones secreted in gastrin. It is a gastrointestinal hormone mainly secreted by gastric antrum and duodenal G cells, which can regulate the function of the digestive system and maintain the structural integrity of the digestive tract mucosa. , has an important role.   What is the significance of gastrin 17 test? The physical examination of gas...
  • Popular science for Testosterone tests Jun 15, 2022
    Whats the Testosterone ? and function ? Testosterone is one of the main sex hormones in the human body. About 90% of testosterone in men comes from Leydig cells, and the rest is produced in the adrenal cortex and other tissues; about 50% of testosterone in women is synthesized by ovarian Leydig cells and portal cells and the reticular zone of adrenal cortex, and the remaining 50% It is mainly conv...
  • What is the best time to test AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) ? Jun 20, 2022
    Diagnostic kit for Anti-Mullerian Hormone ( Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Assay ) What does an AMH test actually mean?    AMH, able to quickly and reliably examine functions such as sexual function, female genitalia, and the possibilities in which it may develop, as well as the start of the year that is more indicative of the ability of the fetus.AMH is expressed differently in diff...
  • Whats the progesterone Jun 29, 2022
    Whats the progesterone ? Progesterone is a manifestation of progesterone, and progesterone is also checked when examining progesterone in the body, especially progesterone that needs to be supplemented during pregnancy, because progesterone can inhibit uterine contractions, and estrogen is in the opposite direction. The role of the uterus is diametrically opposite, that is, progesterone has the ef...
  • Malaria pf/pv rapid test kit
    Malaria pf/pv rapid test kit Jul 07, 2022
    1.What are the symptoms of malaria ? Malaria, caused by Plasmodium infection, is typically characterized by periodic chills, fever, headache, sweating, anemia, and splenomegaly. II. How to test the Malaria ? 1. Microscope: Because it is in the red blood cells of the human body as it is, the human red blood cells are detected, and the peripheral blood is detected for smearing. 2. Antigen:...
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