• How you contracted enterovirus 71 ? Jun 01, 2022
    What is Enterovirus 71 ? Enterovirus 71 is a human enterovirus, abbreviated as EV71, which often causes children hand, foot and mouth disease, viral angina, pulmonary edema, viral encephalitis and other diseases, collectively referred to as enterovirus 71 infection. The disease mostly occurs in children, especially infants under 3 years old, and a few are more serious and even cause death. Th...
  • Ebola Viru-highest-level viruses in the world Jul 01, 2022
    Whats the Ebola Virus ? Ebola virus it is a very rare virus discovered in 1976 in the Ebola River region of southern Sudan and Congo (DRC) (formerly known as Zaire). Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EBHF) is the most deadly viral hemorrhagic fever in the world today. It is very similar to Marburg virus, which is also in the Fibroviridae family, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin color change, body...

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