How you contracted enterovirus 71 ? Jun 01, 2022

What is Enterovirus 71 ?

Enterovirus 71 is a human enterovirus, abbreviated as EV71, which often causes children hand, foot and mouth disease, viral angina, pulmonary edema, viral encephalitis and other diseases, collectively referred to as enterovirus 71 infection. The disease mostly occurs in children, especially infants under 3 years old, and a few are more serious and even cause death. The disease can occur all year round, but is common from April to September.

How you contracted enterovirus 71 ?

  1. Close contact with people is an important mode of transmission. Children are infected by virus-contaminated hands, towels, tooth cups, toys, tableware, dairy products, bedding, underwear, etc.
  2. The virus in the throat secretions and saliva of the patient can be transmitted through the air, so close contact with sick children can cause infection.
  3.  Drinking or eating water or food contaminated with the virus can also cause infection. Good hygiene is very important to prevent infection. Parents should educate their children to strengthen personal hygiene, wash hands, brush teeth, rinse mouth, and bathe frequently before and after meals. Drink boiled water, don't eat raw or cold food, and reheat leftovers completely before eating.

How to confirm get the Enterovirus 71 ?

  1. Fever, mild HFMD has atypical or low-grade fever, and severe HFMD can have persistent high fever. The most common virus when high fever persists is EV71 virus, which can cause serious complications.
  2. Skin rashes. Children's skin rashes are most common on the mouth, hands, feet, and buttocks. Some skin rashes can also be seen on elbow joints and knee joints. It can be absorbed and healed in about a week. In severe hand, foot and mouth disease, there are not many herpes, especially EV71-infected herpes, mainly in the palms and soles of the feet, etc. It is necessary to search carefully and pay attention to herpes.
  3.  Gastrointestinal symptoms, hand, foot and mouth disease is caused by enterovirus infection, and there are gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal distension, etc., need to pay attention to diet and give symptomatic treatment.
  4.  Symptoms of respiratory tract infection, hand, foot and mouth disease sometimes causes children to have sore throat, cough, runny nose and other symptoms of respiratory tract infection, and give symptomatic treatment.

How long does enterovirus last and how to treat ?

      The course of hand, foot and mouth disease generally takes less than a week, and for more severe hand, foot and mouth disease, it may take more than a week.Common cases There are no specific antiviral drugs and specific treatment methods, mainly symptomatic treatment. Pay attention to isolation to avoid cross infection. Proper rest, light diet, good oral and skin care.


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