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Whats the Gastrin 17 ?

Gastrin 17 is one of the hormones secreted in gastrin. It is a gastrointestinal hormone mainly secreted by gastric antrum and duodenal G cells, which can regulate the function of the digestive system and maintain the structural integrity of the digestive tract mucosa. , has an important role.


What is the significance of gastrin 17 test?

The physical examination of gastric motility hormone 17 is generally to check the situation of the stomach to see if there is a digestive tumor of the stomach. The normal value is 35-105pgml. If it is lower than 35pgml, it indicates that gastric acid is too secreted and there is a risk of inflammation, and gastric cancer cannot be excluded. It is best to do tumor markers and gastroscopy. If it exceeds 105pgml, it indicates that the secretion of gastric acid is too low, and it is recommended to review after three months. Be sure to have an empty stomach before the test, don't drink too much water, and don't eat any fatty foods after 12 o'clock the night before.

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