We got CE certification for most of our test Aug 15, 2022

Why do you need diagnostic testing? 

Diagnostic testing reveals symptoms and indicators used to guide medical examination, including imaging, biochemical, pathologic, and psychological evaluations.

There aren’t many tests out there that can tell you whether or not you have an illness. In most cases, diagnostic testing is used to look for, diagnose, and keep track of disease symptoms and progression.

The best use of diagnostic testing requires doctors to understand how the outcomes of the tests affect the probability that a disease is present. It is essential that diagnostic tests are capable of changing the pre-test likelihood of disease into a post-test likelihood that is more certain. In order to arrive at a sufficiently high probability of disease, diagnostic testing should follow a logical sequence that either confirms the diagnosis or excludes it. 

For many diseases, a false diagnosis has a high potential to be catastrophic; post-test probability thresholds should be low, while for diseases where establishing a false diagnosis has a high potential for disaster, post-test probability thresholds should be high. Because the consequences of missing an MI and sending the patient home are dire if the individual has a suspected myocardial infarction (MI), physicians require a combination of test results with an extremely low post-test probability (2%). But when it comes to making a MI diagnosis, doctors require a high post-test probability because the treatment (thrombolytic therapy, invasive methods) and prognosis (life expectancy) can have major effects.

The clinician’s consideration of the presence of disease is typically provoked by aspects of the patient’s history and physical examination. The diagnostician’s expertise and knowledge base, the disease’s frequency, and the clinical importance of establishing or rejecting a diagnosis are all important factors to consider when making a diagnosis or refuting.

In vitro diagnostic tests are required at every stage for diagnosis, monitoring, screening, and prognosis.


Now we already got CE certification for more than 60 kinds of rapid test kit.

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