what do you know about diarrhoeal disease Feb 21, 2023

Diarrhoeal disease is the second leading cause of death in children under five years old, and is responsible for killing around 525 000 children every year. Diarrhea can last several days, and can leave the body without the water and salts that are necessary for survival. In the past, for most people, severe dehydration and fluid loss were the main causes of diarrhea deaths. Now, other causes such as septic bacterial infections are likely to account for an increasing proportion of all diarrhea-associated deaths. Children who are malnourished or have impaired immunity as well as people living with HIV are most at risk of life-threatening diarrhea.

Diarrhea is a symptom of infections caused by a host of bacterial, viral and parasitic organisms, most of which are spread by faces-contaminated water. Usually viral gastroenteritis is caused by a number of viruses, including norovirus, rotavirus, adenovirus, astrovirus, and sapovirus.  Norovirus G2 and rotavirus were the most frequent agents and the most common coinfections responsible for gastroenteritis in children. Rotavirus was highest in autumn and winter, but lower in spring and summer. Adenovirus distributed evenly in the four seasons

 Antigen to Rotavirus/Adenoviruses combo rapid test kit is applicable to qualitative detection of species A rotavirus or adenovirus antigen that may exist in human stool sample, which’s suitable for auxiliary diagnosis of species A rotavirus and adenovirus infection of infantile diarrhea patients.

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