What is C-reactive protein CRP diagnostic kit? Aug 18, 2022


Diagnostic Kit for C-reactive protein (fluorescence immunochromatographic assay) is a fluorescence immunochromatographic assay for the quantitative detection of C-reactive protein (CRP) in human serum /plasma/ Whole blood. It is a non-specific indicator of inflammation. All positive sample must be confirmed by other methodologies. This test is intended for healthcare professional use only.


C-reactive protein is an acute phase protein produced by lymphokine stimulation of liver and epithelial cells. It exists in human serum, cerebrospinal fluid, pleural and abdominal fluid, etc., and is a part of non-specific immune mechanism. 6-8h after the occurrence of bacterial infection,CRP began to increase, 24-48h reached the peak, and the peak value could reach hundreds of times of normal. After the elimination of the infection, CRP dropped sharply and returned to normal within one week. However, CRP does not increase significantly in the case of viral infection, which provides a basis for the identification of early infection types of diseases, and is a tool for identifying viral or bacterial infections.

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