Whats the progesterone Jun 29, 2022

Whats the progesterone ?

Progesterone is a manifestation of progesterone, and progesterone is also checked when examining progesterone in the body, especially progesterone that needs to be supplemented during pregnancy, because progesterone can inhibit uterine contractions, and estrogen is in the opposite direction. The role of the uterus is diametrically opposite, that is, progesterone has the effect of protecting the fetus.


What is Progesterone Deficiency ?

1. Insufficiency of corpus luteum function: the corpus luteum formed after ovulation, resulting in insufficient secretion of progesterone, ovulatory uterine bleeding, resulting in too low progesterone.

2. Endocrine dysfunction: The endocrine system secretes various hormones to regulate the body's metabolism and physiological functions. When the hormone secretion is unbalanced, it will cause low progesterone.

3. Follicle development disorder: The follicular ovarian cortex is composed of an oocyte and a small follicle cell. When there are abnormal follicles and no follicle development, it will cause low progesterone.

4. Insulin resistance: The female body secretes too much insulin to produce hyperinsulinemia to maintain the stability of blood sugar. Some women have a special physique, and insulin resistance in the body causes low progesterone.

5. Embryo problems: If there is a problem with the embryo itself, the progesterone secreted by the human body will not be too much, resulting in too low progesterone.

It should be noted that it is necessary to use the physique of the uterus conceived by the corpus luteum and the corpus luteum under the guidance of the doctor, especially the medicine that is suitable for the corpus luteum for each physique.


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