Which of the tests can be used to diagnose Mycoplasma pneumoniae? May 31, 2022

Which of the tests can be used to diagnose Mycoplasma pneumoniae?

Firstly, you can use the rapid test diagnostic kit for IgM antibdoy to mycoplasma pneumoniae ( colloidal gold ) test by yourself, easy test and fast test result. If positive, you can go to hospital for PCR test.


What is Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM?

 Mycoplasma pneumoniae antibodies are divided into IgM and IgG. Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM positive indicates infection with Mycoplasma pneumoniae.IgM is an indicator of current or recent infection. IgM antibody is positive after a few days to a week after infection with Mycoplasma, and it is the earliest antibody produced. Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection can cause respiratory diseases, common diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia, etc., clinical manifestations are cough, persistent irritating dry cough. IgG is an antibody produced by a person who has been infected with Mycoplasma pneumoniae in the past and has been cured or self-healed.


How long does Mycoplasma IgM stay positive?

It usually lasts for more than 3 weeks and then falling to undetectable levels at an estimated 12-26 weeks post onset of symptoms.


What to watch out for if M. pneumoniae is positive ?

A positive Mycoplasma pneumoniae means that the patient has Mycoplasma pneumonia infection. It is really hurting life. It is necessary to pay attention to a light diet, avoid spicy, irritating and greasy food. You can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and pay attention to keep warm, do not catch cold, pay attention to Rest, avoid staying up late, do appropriate physical exercise, enhance the body's resistance, and help the condition improve



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