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WIZ Dignostic Kit (Colloidal Gold) for Calprotectin

Diagnostic Kit for Calprotectin (Cal) is a colloidal gold immunochromatographic assay for semiquantitative determination of cal from human faeces, which is important accessory diagnostic value for inflammatory bowel disease.

  • Methodology:

    Colloidal Gold
  • Testing time:

    10-15 minutes
  • Storage temperature ::

  • Specimen: :

  • Valid Time ::

    24 month
  • Accurancy:

    more than 99%
  • Specification:

    25 test/box

Diagnostic Kit (Colloidal Gold) for Calprotectin

Clinical Application:

√ Detection of Calprotectin in faces sampleto assess risk of intestinal inflammation

√ Detection of hemoglobin in faces sampleto assessrisk of gastrointestinal bleeding

√ Assist in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer and precancerous lesions (intestinalpolyps, adenomas,inflammatory bowel disease,etc.)

calprotectin kit


Test Procedure(Click here for operation video)

1.Take out the sampling stick, inserted into the faeces sample, then put the sampling stick back, screw tight and shake well, repeat the action 3 times.

  Or using the sampling stick picked about 50mg faeces sample, and put in a faeces sample tube containing sample dilution, and screw tightly.

2. Use disposable pipette sampling take the thinner faeces sample from the diarrhea patient, then add 3 drops (about 100uL) to the fecal sampling tube and shake well, put aside.

3.Take out the test card from the foil bag, put it on the level table and mark it.

    Remove the cap from the sample tube and discard the first two drops diluted sample, add

4.drops (about 100uL) no bubble diluted sample verticaly and

  slowly into sample well of the card with provided dispette, start timing.

5.The result should be read within 10-15 minutes, and it is invalid after 15 minutes

Product Performance                                                                                      

WIZ result of cal Test result of reference reagents

Positive coincidence rate:99.40%(95%C.I.96.69~99.89%)

Negative coincidence rate: 100%(95%C.I.97.64~100.00%)

Total compliance rate:99.69%(95%C.I.98.28~99.95%)

Positive Negative Total
Positive 166 0 166
Negative 1 159 160
Total 167 159 326




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